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Hi-Fi Rush is an action-packed brawler where players take on the role of Chai, a young rebel who has been implanted with a Walkman and tasked with taking down the evil corporation Vandelay Technologies. This game is about smashing robots to the beat of licensed rock tracks from artists like Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, and The Prodigy. With its snappy animation style, bright cel-shaded world, and top-heavy killer robots, Hi-Fi Rush will surely bring out the inner superhero in anyone!


Hi-Fi Rush has a classic cartoon logic aesthetic that looks like something from mid-2000s videogames. It's a bit blurry but it captures the feel of being at a comic book store. Characters are drawn in an exaggerated style and their expressions are exaggerated to add humor to certain scenes. The environments in Hi-Fi Rush have trees, lampposts, and pipes that bounce along to the soundtrack giving it an extra layer of life. Tiny comic book sparks appear when Chai snaps his fingers, adding another layer of fun and whimsy to the visuals.


Hi-Fi Rush is all about smashing killer robots to the beat of licensed rock tracks from artists like Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, and The Prodigy. You use heavy and light attacks that you can combine and then end with a finisher in time with the song. At any moment (or as part of your finisher) you can call in one of your crewmates for help: Peppermint blasts enemies with her gun; Macaron smashes armor apart; and one other character puts out fires in arenas. As you progress and defeat bosses you can buy additional moves or passive bonuses which make combat more interesting.


Hi-Fi Rush has an online multiplayer mode where up to four people can join for some robot-smashing fun! You can team up with your friends online or locally for co-op play or compete against each other in battles where each person gets their own set of waves they must defeat before moving on to the next level or boss fight. Some leaderboards let players compare their high scores against each other for bragging rights!


Hi-Fi Rush offers plenty of replayability for those who want more than just beating up robots on repeat! Collectibles are hidden throughout each stage and power-ups, which give special bonuses when used correctly during combat. With its mix of platforming sections, puzzle solving, and boss fights there's plenty here for novice gamers and hardcore pros! And if that wasn't enough, there's also DLC available for even more content!


Overall, Hi-Fi Rush is an action-packed brawler perfect for anyone looking for some super-powered fun! Its classic cartoon logic aesthetic gives it a unique charm while its beat-based combat keeps things fresh throughout different levels or boss fights. Add in its online multiplayer mode which allows up to four people to team up making it even better! Plus plenty of collectibles hidden throughout each stage and power-ups make it highly replayable ensuring hours upon hours of robot-smashing fun!

  • The game has an energetic and snappy animation style that elevates the simple cel-shaded aesthetic
  • Music from licensed rock tracks from artists like Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, and The Prodigy creates an exciting beat-based combat system
  • There are plenty of characters to assist Chai on his mission, each with their unique abilities
  • The game gets repetitive as it progresses and the challenge level decreases
  • Exploration sections can be slow and tedious with unnecessary collectibles to find
  • The mid-2000s aesthetic may not appeal to some players

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