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Geometry Dash is an amusing fast-paced platformer for Android with engaging gameplay, vivid graphics, and well-matched rhythmical music. Download Geometry Dash and start exploring its many challenging and fun levels or use the level editor to craft your very own customized gaming experience.


The futuristically styled graphics are the best thing in the game. All the levels are colorful and rich in detail. Every single visual effect is synchronized to match the rhythmical music, which sets the pace of the game and aids the overall gameplay. Players who seek more personalized gaming experience can use the game’s editor to design their Geometry Dash universe and fill it with geometrical obstacles as they see fit.


The gameplay is very down-to-earth while also utterly addictive. Your task is to safely navigate your character through the world filled with all kinds of dangerous geometrical obstacles. As you move your hero through various levels, you help him gather useful collectibles and avoid touching things that can damage his progress. For the luckiest ones, there is a bunch of enemies to overcome in the end.

The game challenges your quick decision-making skills and sense of timing. As the game evolves, its levels become more complicated and fast-paced, leaving you with very little time to analyze the situation and make the right choice. Players can take advantage of the practice mode to see what is expected of them in the game and hone their skills before they launch on a difficult but exhilarating journey.  


The controls are very straightforward in Geometry Dash and are nicely optimized to fit the game onto a touchscreen device. The navigation is performed via tapping on the screen to make your character jump and holding the screen whenever there is a ramp to skip over. The game requires you to be very attentive and precise, for one mistimed jump or accidentally touched obstacle will send you back to the start.

Replay Value

The replayability of Geometry Dash is very high due to its engaging and fast-moving gameplay, beautiful visuals, lack of annoying ads and in-app purchases, and the ability to design and play your game levels. However, the frustration that often comes with losing a level can be overwhelming and off-putting for some players.


For Android device users, Geometry Dash is the perfect solution for moments of boredom or for relaxation whenever you're on the go or simply biding your time. The game proves to be a captivating mechanism to divert your attention from everyday pressures with its straightforward intuitiveness. Characterized by its endearing graphics, uplifting melodic synths, and exhilarating velocity, Geometry Dash serves as an engaging recreational alternative to banal, everyday activities.

  • Keeps you busily entertained for hours
  • Gorgeous visuals and charming soundtracks
  • Many levels to try and tons of exciting content to explore
  • Losing can be very frustrating
  • Touchscreen controls sometimes feel unresponsive

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