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Control the wide range of digital devices near you. SmartThings is the app that allows you to keep the air conditioner working, TV recording, refrigerator on the temperature you need. You can check all the smart devices you have at home without even being at home. Make your home cleaning while you are at the office.

Design and Usability

While the app sounds like something taken from the future, it still has a simple and easy to understand design. You don’t have to learn manual hard to understand how to control your compatible with SmartThings app devices.

The interface is user-friendly. The main screen is made in pastel colors with highlighted colorful icons of its services. The menu locates at the upper bar. You can choose rooms, devices, scenes, automation there. There is a history option, so you can pick up commands from the past session. Tap on the room you need and pick one of the options you can control in this room. The main functions are limited only by the number of smart devices you have at home.

Key Functions

This is one of the most interesting and great inventions of Samsung. The company has already gained lots of popularity and trust among users. Now it connected your phone with your home. Among the main functions are:

  • You receive remote control on all the devices compatible with SmartThings. You can check them through Wi-Fi;
  • You can combine several devices and place them in one group to receive quicker access to them;
  • If you set the timing on some of your devices, you will be able to navigate them automatically;
  • Add the members of your home into the group that controls smart devices. You can share control with them;
  • Enable notifications on your iOS device, and you will receive updates about the status of home appliances;
  • Control your devices with the voice, thanks to sync with Google Assistant and Alexa.


Samsung had several major faults with its smartphones during the last years. However, it still offers one of the most reliable products and constantly working on the improvement of security. The app asks to give several permissions on your devices. Without these permissions, your app will not be able to sync with them. SmartThings keeps all your personal information protected from others. Your rights are guaranteed by the company agreement.


SmartThings app supports the huge numbers of gadgets in your home. You can control smart devices with few taps. It syncs with numerous third-parties and does not require lots of knowledge from you. You are able to clean, cook, watch your laundry, switch off and on lights, TV, and conditioner with this app. You can even raise the temperature at your refrigerator if you need to.

  • The wide range of devices that work with SmartThings
  • Quick navigation
  • The interface is really intuitive and simple
  • You can control everything without being in the room
  • You may have lots of free time so you will have to find hobbies

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