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Google Classroom is an educational program that enables pupils and educators to interact with one another through its services.  The program is a saver throughout the lockdown period and can be incredibly helpful for learning.  Once you download Google Classroom on your phone, you need to pass through a fast registration.


I couldn’t but mention in this Google Classroom review that the design isn't so bright.  While the aim of this app is to give pupils and teachers a hand in understanding the material and educating, accordingly, but it isn't so simple to keep the focus on the whiteboard with plain black letters on it.  

There are many educational applications with amazing graphics and interesting backgrounds to get kids interested.  Google Classroom is nicely arranged but still lacks the colors.

Google Classroom Android app has no advanced sound support. Maybe the developers thought that sounds would distract students from learning; therefore, you won't hear any of them.  

Still, there are notifications that appear on your display when the participants of the conversation are fancy to contact you. 

The app doesn't need to remain open, and you also do not need to use it all of the time to get these notifications. But if something significant happens, you will instantly know about that.


  • As an educational app, Google Classroom doesn’t have to be entertaining. Nevertheless, it is.  The features you will definitely love:
  • Teachers may add students to the course with a few straightforward taps.  
  • Students can see all the tasks inside one particular category, so there is no need to ask teachers about new tasks that should be done. 
  • The communication between students and educators is rather quick.
  • The program delivers a high degree of information protection. There are no advertisements inside. Your private information stays private.
  • Teachers can create announcements and share them with the help of a Google Classroom apk;
  • All the tasks are arranged in folders on Google Disk, so you can browse through them easily and quickly find the needed one.


Google Classroom newest version is easy to use.  Even though you might complain about the boring images and wish they were brighter, this program has a crystal transparent interface.  The icons are easy to understand. Besides, the app provides you with instructions, so you'll quickly start navigating the app.
Once Google Classroom installation procedure is finished, you can take a look at the menu to discover the tools needed for the work.


Once you download Google Classroom on your telephone, the program will request that you grant a few permissions.  Do not worry, your information is necessary for your own learning procedure.  It doesn't go anywhere.   

The app is free, and there are no ads that may distract you from learning.  There are many benefits for both teachers and pupils that can communicate with one another through this program.

  • Absolutely free of charge
  • Easy to navigate through
  • No ads
  • Asks for some private information

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