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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers that can be installed on Android and iOS devices. The application was developed by the namesake company Google. It was released on Apple gadgets only in the 2018th. 


Chrome's design is a kind of innovation. It's stylish, no doubt, but its minimalistic and at the same time eye-catching decoration may not please everyone.
Panel with tabs is presented in the form of a list with a small site icon on the left. It should be noted that versions for smartphones and tablets are slightly different in their interface.

Below there are two shortcuts: "Bookmarks" and "History". And on the tablets, in addition, there will be shown opened tabs, a panel with arrows, bookmarks, an update button and access to the menu with settings.

Content and Features

Google Chrome has got several brilliant functions. It's not necessary to talk about auto-completion of forms, ability to save site passwords and zooming in, but it's possible to take a look at the most useful and innovative things.

Let's start with the function of reducing traffic which appeared lately. Unlike Opera browser, where compression is used at the "subconscious level", a completely different algorithm is exploited here. It doesn't degrade pictures on web pages or ignore ads, but simply compresses forms and caches data from constantly visited sites.

Also, the mobile version of Google Chrome has got a built-in translator. In the settings, it's possible to choose how to use it. If you work on several devices simultaneously, you can open the same tabs on both of them. It's also necessary to set special settings. 

User Experience

Google Chrome interface is very user-friendly: in addition to the main menu button, you won't see any other. This trend is intercepted by many browsers – minimum buttons and options, maximum space for web surfing. 

If you have a gadget with good characteristics, then you will certainly enjoy using the application. But if the device is mediocre, there may appear lags and constant loading.


Google Chrome can be installed on PC and mobile gadgets on the base of Android and iOS. On all of these operating systems, sometimes appear small bugs that quickly get fixed.

Bookmarks, passwords, history, and other data can be synchronized between devices. First, you need to create a Google account and confirm the synchronization. After adding a new bookmark, it will appear on all gadgets where the account is used.


All in all, the application is used by many people all over the world. Chrome is an advanced product with a full range of features, capabilities, and support. There is good synchronization between several devices and simple design. You definitely should try it.

  • Good synchronization
  • Free of charge
  • Pleasant and simple interface
  • Possibility to reduce traffic
  • Presence of lags on mediocre gadgets
  • Needs to be developed further
  • Unusual for iPhone owners

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