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Shazam is a mobile app, which can identify almost any song by its snippet. Learn the title of the tune and the artist's name behind it. Find the full song on YouTube. Browse lyrics in real-time. Share your discoveries with the fiends and check the app's own chart with the most shazamed tracks. Downloading Shazam will give it all to you. 


Thanks to its clever algorithm and gargantuan database, Shazam can identify any track. Whenever you hear something incredibly catchy, but have no idea what it could be:

  • Grab your smartphone.
  • Hit the Shazam! button.
  • Enjoy the sweet ear candy.

Shazam promptly shows you the song title, bands or singer's name, date of release, genre, lyrics, etc. Moreover, there'll be a YouTube link so you can check the full version or the music video.

Shazam isn't limited to the position of your music butler only. It can also recommend music in a similar genre: songs, hit singles, albums, etc. E.g. if you Shazam and old-school track The Message you'll be offered to check De La Soul, Run DMC, Biz Markie, and other proto-rappers. 90's classics? 2Pac, Wu-Tang, Gang Starr, Brand Nubian, and even Eminem's first LP will be on the menu.

Whatever music treasure you find - they can be shared with your friends via Spotify. And also you can always stop by Shazam's own music chart, in which "most wanted" records are featured.


Shazam's interface is clean and laconic. There are tabs with the last shazamed tracks, Tag Chart, lyrics, etc. And Shazam button itself goes glitchy very seldom.


Whether you're seeking to explore new musical horizons or simply heard something groovy near a coffee stand – Shazam will help you out. Draw it out of the pocket and let it do its magic. This Shazam review recommends it to every music maniac. 

Cross-platform Use

Shazam is available for Android and iOS. A windows Phone version is also on the guest list. And you can always create an account at to monitor charts, songs you've searched for, etc.

In-app Purchases

Shazam is free to use and doesn't offer any luxury+ features. It doesn't force you into buying subscriptions either. But you can always use an iTunes deal, proposed in the app.


Shazam is critical to have for every music junkie. It won't let you miss a new great track. And also you'll be introduced to a whole galaxy of genres, albums, and artists with unique styles and rhythms. Tap that big blue button and let your music adventure begin right now. Download Shazam to never skip a beat!

  • Instant song identification
  • Similar artists
  • Lyrics
  • YouTube video
  • Tickets booking
  • Rare glitches
  • Track name can't be copy-pasted
  • Seldom fails to find music matches

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