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YouTube is the place where you can find nearly any video, from old movies to the most recent ones, videos about life, business, travel to podcasts and out-of-print albums.  

It hosts the world's largest video library and the most significant music library too.  For that reason, it's not surprising that the developers attempt to capitalize on these to make a music program. 

YouTube Music allows you to listen to whatever you would like as you find new music.  You might even get recommendations and playlists according to your preferences and whatever is trending.  The carousels on your Home Feed continuously change depending on your place, time of day, and song listening history.


The design of the YoutubeMusic app is really on par with the overall look of the others, for example, Spotify.  The Home section reveals personalized recommendations for records, videos, and playlists.  The Hotlist includes a 20-song collection of fresh tracks that are in fashion.

In the Library, you will discover the playlists you have subscribed to or made all by yourself, tracks that you liked, the records and artists you have bookmarked, and songs you saved offline. 


YouTube's brand new audio streaming service is totally reimagined. In Youtube Music free version, you can easily enjoy listening to covers, live performances, and remixes even if you don’t know the title of the song simply typing the lyrics in the Search section. You can detect new paths through the recommendations and Hotlist, which shows you what is trending now. 

You might also pay $9.99 to relish a whole month of Music Premium that enables you to listen to music ad-free and even offline.

The interface is pretty clear and user-friendly.  But you may often hit “like” or “dislike” buttons instead of skipping the song (I know what I am saying). 

To get a much better experience using this app, you should update YouTube Music regularly.  For example, the YouTube Music latest version has fixed a few bugs and there were a few performance improvements.  You can download YouTube Music on both the Android and iOS platforms. 


YouTube Music is a must-have program for people who would love to enjoy music, movies, and listen to songs.  The programmers have got it right with all the fundamentals.  On the other hand, the advertisements are rather annoying, so you might want to buy Youtube Music Premium version to block them or just drop this app.  Regardless, the program remains attractive and is suggested to music fans.

  • Simple to use
  • Large library
  • The audio quality needs work

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