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At the beginning of our website creation journey, we consisted of a small group of passionate gaming and app enthusiasts. My name is Emily Irish, and as the team leader and software developer, I have accumulated experience in web development throughout multiple successful projects. Our journey began when we realized there was a need for a platform where people could explore and learn about their favorite games and applications, along with reliable reviews.

Thus, we embarked upon creating Appogramm, a website dedicated to all fanatics of games and apps like us who strive for the latest updates. Our exceptional team includes Oliver Mitchell (content writer), Michael Brown (graphic designer), and Hilary Giorgi (reviewer), each contributing the unique skills necessary for running the website.

As we have progressed, our enthusiasm for providing creative and informative content has only grown. Being able to work together with like-minded individuals to produce the best possible outcome for our website and our audience has been an incredibly rewarding experience. With each day, we continue to expand Appogramm, maintaining our mission to empower gamers and app lovers worldwide through the content we create.


our advantages

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    In-depth Reviews

    Our site provides well-researched, unbiased, and comprehensive reviews on a wide range of games and applications. This helps users make informed decisions when selecting the best gaming or app solutions to meet their needs and preferences.

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    Educational and Engaging Content

    Appogramm offers a platform for engaging content, including articles and tutorials, catering to all skill levels. This ensures that users can expand their knowledge and elevate their gaming or app experiences, irrespective of their background or expertise.

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    Timely Updates on Latest Trends

    Our dedicated team of experts continually works to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the gaming and app industries. This ensures that our site remains at the cutting edge, providing users with the most recent news, releases, and insights in gaming and applications.