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Among Us, an eerie game masterfully developed by Red Meat Games, is available for Android, PC, and Mac enthusiasts. It thrusts you into the role of a young protagonist, wearied by constant bullying and ready to retaliate. Your journey will lead you to the summit of the school building, where the pivotal moment of vengeance on the school principal will take place.

Serving as a cooperative, first-person multiplayer game for up to four participants, Among Us is set against the backdrop of the fictitious 1980s. As survivors of a zombie apocalypse, your aim is to discover the antidote for the deadly plague.


Despite not being graphically sophisticated, the visuals of the game are effective. Set in a school environment with some classrooms aptly decorated, the graphics come across as basic and realistic. The game design draws inspiration from older games, considering its 1980s setting. Some areas appear too dark, but they are adequate for visibility.


Scripted in a post-zombie apocalypse era, you strive to find the apocalypse cure while surviving its horrors alongside three other players. Exploration, scavenging for necessities, and surviving zombie attacks constitute the gameplay. Cooperating to build barricades and accomplishing other tasks, enriches player engagement.

The game includes puzzle-solving, battling, and stealthy moves to reach the school roof. Despite its high difficulty level, the intriguing puzzles are quite impressive. The gameplay features four challenging variations:

1. Countdown Game: Aim to reach zero points first.
2. Survival Game: Maintain the highest points till the end.
3. All or Nothing Game: Fill the board first or lose.
4. End Game: The highest pointer wins.


The game controls are straightforward, and easily learned as you roll the dice to move pieces. Aiming is accomplished with the mouse, while movements utilize WASD keys, with 1, 2, or 3 keys to switch weapons.


The game can be played solo with three AI companions, or in groups of up to four friends, keeping boredom at bay. However, given the game's challenging nature, and its short duration, the replayability aspect is minimal.


Among Us emerges as an intriguing game despite its slightly dark graphics. It facilitates both solo and group play, rendering it enjoyable, especially in gatherings. The challenging yet appealing gameplay, complemented by simple controls, contributes to its uniqueness. However, its replayability is reduced due to its elevated difficulty and brevity.

  • Supports a noble cause
  • Provides engaging gaming
  • Simple, user-friendly gaming
  • Provides hours of gameplay
  • Supports real-life friend group play
  • Allows online group gaming
  • It may seem repetitious after a while

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  • i love this game but when you guys update it please have it where we can speak to others like have a mic and please bring back the chat for the new update and make it where we don't have to buy the hats and outfits make them free because i think its not fair to others that don't have it like me and i want it where we don't have to have an account please. Thank you, addie
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