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The Amazing Frog! is a 2D platformer video game that was released in 1995 by Virgin Interactive. The player controls the protagonist, a frog, who needs to defeat the evil wizard, the Dark Queen. The frog has the power of morphing into different objects, such as a ladder or a trampoline. The game's setting has three levels, which the Dark Queen has conquered. The frog must defeat the Dark Queen in each level in order to save the world. The Amazing Frog! has a simple gameplay, but it is difficult to master.

Amazing Frog is a free game that can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play. The game is an endless runner, which means that the level of difficulty increases the longer you play. The game starts out with an easy level to get you used to the controls, but as you play, it will eventually get very difficult.


The graphics in this video game are simple but they are a signature of the game. They are low-quality pixelated graphics. All of the sprites in the game, from the frogs to the enemies, are made of square blocks. The level backgrounds are also very simple and they are just a collection of color blocks. The only exception is the final level, where the background is a starry night sky.

The graphics for Amazing Frog are not as high quality as some other games, but they are still really good. The backgrounds of the game can be very simple, but they all have a different scenery. The frogs also have different looks, which is a really nice touch.


The gameplay is very simple. The player controls a frog that must jump on enemies, collect items, and defeat the final boss. The game consists of three levels; the first level has four stages, the second level has two stages, and the third level has two stages. The protagonist can switch between frog and different objects by pressing a button.

The gameplay is just like any other endless runner game. You play as the frog and have to dodge the obstacles in your way. As you keep playing, the game will get more and more difficult. The controls are easy to use and very responsive, which is a very good thing.


The controls in the Amazing Frog are very simple. The player can only control the frog using the left and right arrow keys. The exception is the last level, where the player can control the frog's morphing ability by pressing the button.

The controls for Amazing Frog are very simple. You can tap anywhere on the screen to make the frog jump, and swipe up to make him jump higher. This is the only thing you can do in the game; there is no option to change the control scheme.


The replayability in the Amazing Frog game is very high because of its short length. The player can get past the game by repeating the same level three times.

The replayability of Amazing Frog is very high. This is because the game becomes more and more difficult the longer you play. It is also free, which means that you can play for as long as you want.


The Amazing Frog! is a very simple game that was released in 1995. The player controls a frog who must defeat the Dark Queen. The game is short, but it has a high replayability. Overall, Amazing Frog is a good game. It is easy to pick up and play, but also very challenging. The graphics are good, and the gameplay is very responsive. The only downside to this game is that it is free, which means that there are no in-app purchases. The replayability is also very high, because the difficulty of the game increases the longer you play.

  • Cute frog game
  • Very simple and easy to understand
  • Gives you an opportunity to use math skills
  • 3 different levels
  • Ads
  • Limited sound

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