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Google Maps – Transit & Food is a must-have mobile application for anyone who travels around the world on either business or leisure. Download Google Maps – Transit & Food, and you will never again get lost, hungry, or bored in a new place.


The app boasts some excellent capabilities. However, it goes beyond just mapping streets. The app offers real-time insights on the traffic situation within the chosen area, along with transit updates, and prompt rerouting suggestions.

The app can help you locate the desired restaurant, hotel or nightspot, while also informs you of how popular that place is and how likely you are to enjoy it. Besides, there are indoor maps that work in the offline mode, and the amazing Street View option to help you find your way around a new place.


The app’s design looks clean and unobtrusive due to the abundance of white background color in menus and across the UI. It also helps all the bright and colorful icons and buttons stand out nicely. The app does look cluttered with all the additional overlays applied and can confuse you a little.


Running the app is not as easy as it should be, given the overall importance of this navigation tool. There are tons of useful features and content, but it takes a while to understand what is what. With multiple landmarks and businesses plastered all over your screen, finding what you are looking for might be challenging. However, you can simplify the interface by removing any optional overlays that you do not need.

The app is fast and accurate when it comes to calculating or revising directions; although based on quite a few Google Maps – Transit & Food reviews, users would prefer it to provide more detouring options on one map. Besides, you will enjoy the quality and accuracy of its visual guidance tools and audio instructions.

Cross-platform Use

You can download Google Maps from Play Market and App Store. To install the app on your iDevice, make sure it is running iOS 10.0 or later.

In-app Purchases

Google Maps – Transit & Food is entirely free to download and use. There is no paid content or in-app purchases. The app also does not display any irritating ads.


The app is an excellent choice for people who are eager to explore the world but do not wish to waste a minute of their time cruising around unfamiliar streets in search of a café or a vacant parking spot, or stuck in traffic risking to miss their flight. Download Google Maps – Transit & Food onto your Apple device and enjoy how much easier it makes your life.

Planning your trips has never been easier. With detailed and highly accurate information provided by the app, you will always feel in your element wherever you go.

  • Helps you find the nearest parking space
  • Keeps track of your restaurant, flight, and other reservations
  • Optimizes the traveling time
  • Some features are inaccessible in all countries
  • Requires an Internet connection for more detailed and accurate info

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