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Google Maps Gets a Holiday Update


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Google Maps is getting an update, dedicated to popular places, convenient routes, and detailed reviews. The update is here to make your Holiday Season more hassle-free. 

The feature dubbed Busyness will get some extra functionality. Previously, it would only tell you about how much crowded a certain popular location can be. But now, it also focuses on the regular neighborhoods too, helping you to avoid bustle and traffic jams.

The novelty feature is especially useful for those people who are worried about catching coronavirus.  But it’s also handy if you’re seeking that special holiday atmosphere.

The Directory tab will be expanded as well. With its new feature, you won’t get lost in an airport, mall, and other similar venues of massive size. There will be info on the boutiques, eateries, exits, and hopefully public toilet locations too.

Apart from geographical data, you will be notified of the work hours of a certain café or store. And the user rating/ reviews will help you decide if the said place should be visited or avoided.

Speaking of reviews: Google Maps will be delivering restaurant reviews rich in detail. Apart from critique left by the visitors, you will also get a heads-up on the price policy and closing/opening hours.

Finally, Google Maps will take your grocery routine to the next level. With it, you’re welcome to watch the status of your food parcel. Once it’s packed and ready to go, you can contact the venue and tell them when you’re able to come to pick it up.

The release date isn’t specified, though. Google commented that it will be outright on time when the holiday season begins.

Despite the lingering pandemic, the app will bring at least a morsel of that sweet holiday atmosphere with the update. But if you’re a bit paranoid, you can use it to avoid crowded places. Are you going out this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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