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Goose Goose Duck (GGD) is a dynamic social deception game developed and published by Gaggle Studios. Resembling the recent viral game Among Us, GGD has made its mark in the gaming community with its unique themes and exciting gameplay. It merges both strategy and teamwork in a thrilling package that appeals to a wide range of players. Whether you're slyly sabotaging as a duck or sniffing out the culprits as a goose, this game guarantees an engaging and immersive session of brain-tickling fun.


The crux of the game lies in its deception and deduction mechanics. It accommodates a large number of players, each either assuming the role of a benevolent goose or a deceptive duck, with special roles being assigned occasionally for a twist. The ducks' goal is to carry out sabotage and eliminate the geese without being caught, while the geese collaborate to complete tasks and identify the treacherous fowl among them. Every time a body is found, or an emergency meeting is called, players get to discuss their suspicions and vote someone out.


Featuring a top-down perspective, the colorful and cartoonish graphics of GGD promote a playful aesthetic. Each character in the game adopts the shape of a whimsical bird, further instilling a lighthearted feel. The maps are designed with fantastic attention to detail, making the exploration aspect more enjoyable.


The smooth and intuitive controls make it easy for even the newest players to pick up the game quickly. The actions required to carry out tasks or sabotage, use items, or vote during meetings are straightforward, with minimal fuss.


The appeal lies in its high replayability due to its interactive nature and the unpredictability of each round. As players level up, they also unlock unique cosmetics to personalize their characters.


Despite its many strengths, GGD has its fair share of weaknesses. Players have reported occasional game crashes in the middle of sessions. There are also some minor visual glitches that need to be resolved. The number of maps available can also feel limited after recurrent plays. Finally, like many social games, GGD can become a breeding ground for toxicity between players.

Conclusion: The Community's Takeaway

Generally, the user community has greatly appreciated Goose Goose Duck for its fun-filled, strategic gameplay and appealing visuals. The thrilling dynamic of deceit and investigation has successfully hooked players, ensuring they keep returning for more. The excitement and tension that permeate each session make every game interesting and addictively compelling despite its reported weaknesses. All in all, Goose Goose Duck has become a delightful addition to the realm of social deduction games, providing its unique twist on the genre's typical mechanics.

  • - Exciting gameplay
  • - Colorful, aesthetically pleasing graphics
  • - Easy, intuitive controls
  • - High replayability due to player interaction
  • - Occasional game crashes
  • - Some minor visual glitches
  • - Limited maps
  • - Potential for increased toxicity due to the social aspect of the game.

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