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Empires & Puzzles is a free role-playing game for those who like Match 3 Puzzle. The release date for its updating version is July 2018. Download Empires & Puzzles to navigate heroes and monsters which will meet in this battle, apply tactics and win.


You will appreciate stunning graphics with bright colors and plenty of details. Enjoy this amazing experience and diverse design of monsters and heroes. There are a lot of visual effects that create a true idea of a fantasy world.


This game combines building, match-3 puzzles, and battle elements. You will collect heroes and arrange troops of warriors initiating epic combos. To defense your settlement, you should build an immense war fortress. Your troops will raid and fight against soldiers of other players. You can upgrade your game, improve your heroes, enhance buildings, and gain special powers. It is possible to create teams and fight together with your alliance.

Thus, you have such a mixture of genres, which makes the game rather complicated. You have to manage the available resources and find more of them upgrading your base. These are foods for your heroes, building materials for construction, and different items for battles.

In addition, you should collect cards, and when there is a needed amount, you will receive the best heroes who can provide stronger attacks. It is clear, every hero is characterized by a particular skill. There are some of them: a strong attack, a buff, a healing function. You are offered to use the in-game currency.


Empires & Puzzles review does not contain all information about controls. You will learn details from the tutorial and will follow the recommendations displayed on the screen of your device. Taking into account the peculiarities of the game, it takes you about an hour to complete the guide. Still, you’d better do it to get a reliable grounding and to succeed. 

Replay Value

The game includes several genres, and when you progress, you battle with computer-controlled opponents. Monsters may increase in power as well as heroes do. There are a lot of achievements providing this result.

So, you can play this game again to find a more efficient way to get the best result. The game communicates with a player suggesting different variants. There are a lot of hints, gifts, possibilities. To benefit from them, you should be attentive.

By the way, you can improve your soldiers if you view advertisements every 12 hours. It is really amazing to overcome all obstacles at every level and play this game again and again.


This game will offer new missions and challenges to complete endlessly. Enjoy its stunning graphics and complicated gameplay. It is a challenging game that will demand you to apply strategic thinking. It really impresses with epic adventure based on match-three puzzles. Download Empires & Puzzles and stay busy for months.

  • High replayability due to a lot of levels, plenty of tasks, and constant update
  • Rather addicting
  • There are in-app purchases with gems, challenge discounts, and others
  • Bugs are possible

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