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Oxenfree Now Exclusive to Netflix Subscribers

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Netflix continues to expand its gaming universe. In September, seven new indie projects appeared on the platform, among which you can find Oxenfree. Now, streaming service subscribers can play this mystical adventure game on their mobile devices.

In terms of plot and overall vibe, Oxenfree has a lot in common with teen books and films and tells about the problematic growing up of the main characters. The game was developed back in 2016 and was available on all major platforms. Last year, Netflix acquired the developer Night School Studio and made Oxenfree available exclusively to those with a subscription to the streaming service. But now, there are no ads and IAPs, and there is support for more than 30 languages in the game, which is very important for understanding the gameplay.

The plot has not undergone any changes since the transition to the new platform. Gamers will play for Alex, a teenager with a difficult fate and tricky relationships with peers. During a party on an abandoned island, the characters accidentally open a ghostly rift that supernaturally affects reality. Everybody is scattered across different locations and is forced to face time loops, strange objects, and even doppelgangers. You need to stabilize the situation and close the time rift to make everything fall into place.

Such a collaboration with Netflix is ​​beneficial to both parties. Developers can showcase their products to a wider audience, and the streaming service can attract new users from among the game fans to their subscription. It is really necessary for the company now because recent statistics show that less than 1% of members are interested in games on Netflix. It plans to add about 50 projects to the platform by the end of the year.

What do you think about Netflix's attempts to take over the gaming industry? Do you play their games?

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