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Zoom New Feature: Cutting Video Feeds


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Zoom is still a king when it comes to video conferencing. Still, there is a place to grow. A recent array of updates showed everyone how better video conferences can be, adding a set of new features and enhancements. The most impressive of them is video conferencing without video.

Yes, exactly. Now a Zoom user can cut all the incoming video streams during the conference. It is explained as a measure for protecting users with high visual sensibility, so they can avoid frames switching on the screen or moving simultaneously. It seems that the feature will be in more demand as a way to save bandwidth. For the same reason, many users prefer audio calls to video ones – data, not privacy.

Other improvement fixes waiting time. Now a meeting host can see who is connected before everyone gets online. So those already connected can start the meeting, while the remaining users receive a short notification in the chat. Frankly speaking, there are not so many meetings where every member is equally important.

It’s not the whole list of improvements, though. Since now, in the Waiting Room, participants can chat with the hosts. More hardware gets supported by Zoom. Here also comes improved integration with ZenDesk and IFTTT. Finally, Zoom is optimized for new Macs with M1 and M1 Pro chips. Not that it was bad on these devices before, but now the performance becomes even better.

Not long before, Zoom announced features that allowed bigger events to be held online. Support of streaming to the lobby, new sponsor support possibilities, and multitrack and multiday events are already there. There is always a place to grow. Let’s hope these innovations are not accompanied by new bugs like the infamous zoombombing. Otherwise, Zoom may have to roll out new patches soon. What other improvements does Zoom lack? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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