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YouTube TV May Have to Remove Disney's Channels from the Platform


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If you or your children are used to watching Disney’s channels on YouTube TV, the situation can change this week if YouTube and Disney don’t sign a new agreement. According to a blog post published by YouTube, the agreement that was previously signed with Disney will expire on December 17th.

Once an agreement is no longer valid, all channels owned by Disney should disappear from a video-hosting platform. In their article, YouTube explained that they want Disney to treat them in the same way as all other TV providers and give the same rates that are paid out by similar services. Some of the channels that can potentially disappear from YouTube TV include but are not limited to Disney Junior, FX, ABC News Live, National Geographic, ESPN, ACC Network, and several others.

Disney also expressed their thoughts in a statement provided to Variety. The company claims that they are determined to work with Google and want to ‘reach a fair, market-based agreement.’ The representatives of Disney said that they feel positive about the prospect of reaching a deal and they want to continue providing viewers with content from their channels.

YouTube also mentioned that if it happens that two companies don’t sign an agreement by this Friday and Disney channels won’t be available, the platform will reduce the monthly YouTube TV price by $15.

Several months ago, YouTube already had a similar situation with channels created by NBCUniversal, but the companies re-signed an agreement just in time. Also, a platform found a common ground with Roku just earlier this month, so their content can easily be found on the website.

Do you watch any Disney channels on YouTube TV? Please, tell us what you think about this dispute in the comments below!

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