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YouTube Testing Smart Downloads Auto Feature


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YouTube often tests various features to improve its mobile application. This time, the company is testing the Smart Downloads function, which is designed to automatically load the video on Android devices with a Wi-Fi connection. This is a convenient way to always have interesting content at your fingertips.

How Does This Smart Feature Work?

According to 9to5Google, the Smart Downloads feature can download 20 recommended videos per week. This feature works if your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi. To access automatically downloaded content, you must select the Smart Downloads tab in your Settings. For now, only Premium users from Europe can test the new feature until February 14.

The video list is curated based on an algorithm that most likely analyzes your browsing history and other aspects of your content viewing. If there is not enough memory on the user’s smartphone to download 20 videos, the user will receive a notification. This notification will contain instructions with several steps you need to take for the Smart Downloads feature to continue to work. You will also need the latest Android 12 version to run this feature.

Smart Downloads Available for Your Music

The company provides a similar function, not for video but audio content. YouTube Music offers a feature also called Smart Downloads that allows you to enjoy music offline. The app automatically downloads tracks by analyzing your listening history and preferences. Just like Smart Downloads for videos, you need to be connected to Wi-Fi for the feature to work.

Although the exact release date of the new feature for the video is not yet known, you can try Smart Downloads in the YouTube Music app to assess the effectiveness of this feature. Do you find this feature useful? Leave your comments below and share this article with friends!

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