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YouTube Piloting Cheaper ‘Premium Lite’ in Europe


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YouTube Premium costs $12 per month, offering ad-free viewing, background play on smartphones, and offline downloads. But what if you couldn’t care less about music and all those extra bells and whistles, though? What if you just want to stop the annoying ads from popping up? Why pay more when you can pay less! Keep reading for more details.

Google-owned video hosting is reportedly in the process of putting a budget-friendlier version of its existing Premium subscription plan through its paces. The plan that’s currently being tested in parts of Europe (particularly, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) is referred to as Premium Lite. 

It offers an ad-free viewing experience on various platforms (e.g. mobile, desktop, and TV), not including YouTube Premium’s other perks like offline downloads, background playback, or ad-free YoutubeMusic. With the cheaper plan about to be rolled out, you no longer need to juggle or go out of your way to test-drive YouTube Premium yummies without actually being able to afford the full cost. 

According to YouTube, the less expensive subscription plan is currently at the stage of testing. The company emphasizes that, depending on user feedback, similar subscription plans might be released throughout the world in the future. So, if you can’t stand the number of ads on YouTube but aren’t very much into splurging on Premium’s other tools, the cheaper Premium Lite subscription plan might be right up your street. 

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