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Yet Another Chrome Attack: What Google Says This Time


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It seems that Chrome cannot get a break this year. The browser has already experienced numerous zero-day attacks in 2021, and now hackers managed to find another vulnerability in the security system. Google has just issued a security warning for all the users of Chrome and it looks like some vulnerabilities are quite serious.

Zero-day attacks experienced by Chrome are those when hackers find out about a particular flaw in the security system before there is a fix available for it. This year, there have been 16 zero-day attacks, including the most recent one. Such attacks are quite dangerous for devices and may affect users of Mac, Windows, and Linux. Now that the team of Chrome discovered these problems, it is important for users of the browser to take action.

If you use Chrome on your device, you should update your browser to the latest version developed by the company: 96.0.4664.110. It has been mentioned by Google that this update will not appear immediately for all users, but it will be offered during the upcoming days or weeks.

It is a good idea to check whether your device is currently protected. To do this, you should go to ‘Settings,’ open ‘Help’ and then go to ‘About Google Chrome.’ If you see the previously mentioned numbers on your version of Chrome, it means that your device is fully updated and you are protected. If not, you should check regularly to see when the new version becomes available. Also, remember to restart your device after you download the update so that the changes are applied.

Have you already updated your Chrome browser? Have you noticed any problems with the browser? Please, tell us if this hacker attack has affected your devices in any way in the comments below.

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