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Windows 11 Launches Without Android Apps


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Android apps support is one of the most long-awaited things on the list for Windows users. However, it looks like we have to wait for this option longer than it was planned. On August 31st, Microsoft shared the new post on its official page, announcing that there will be no support of Android apps in Windows 11 when it’s launched.

However, don’t get upset so soon. The company is working on testing this feature. This idea is not abandoned, just delayed. And analysts believe that the new feature will be released in 2022. This service will help users to run the apps they want on desktops. To do this, you will need a Windows 11 system and Android apps installed.

Microsoft confirmed that the new Windows will have the rebuilt Microsoft Store design and the fixed interface. Users will be able to use smart search engines. All the games, shows, and apps you want will be gathered at one location.

They have also mentioned the collaboration with Intel and Amazon that allowed Windows 11’s version of Microsoft Store to be more advanced and user-friendly. Windows Insiders will be presented during the next few months. Android apps will be available on Windows 11 also because of this collaboration.

Launch Dates

Windows 11 will roll out step by step. It will take several phases. Microsoft promises to provide the new version to all Windows 10 users by the end of next year. The start will take place on October 5. The first people who will be able to upgrade the system will be the owners of new devices. You can check the update in Settings. Pick  “Windows Update,” then press “Check for Updates” if you don’t see them right away.

Basic requirements for the new system are  already known. You need to have a processor with two cores or more. The speed must be 1GHz or higher. There must be 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. Microsoft promises that users of every device with Windows 10 will be able to update the system in the future.

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