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Where Does GTA V Look the Best? PC vs Next-Gen Consoles


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This month, Rockstar Games releases the updated version of the iconic GTA V for next-gen consoles. It will support ray tracing, native 4K resolution, and better performance. But is it better than what we have now on top PC? Let’s see and compare identical scenes on various platforms!

 Well, there is more than a week to wait for the real release. But Rockstar has already published some peeks into the future game. It only took someone who would bother to make similar screenshots on PC, and this one appeared soon. GTA Series Videos is a great name for a YouTube channel, but this particular comparison appeared on its official Twitter. Here we see two of the 4K stills shared by Rockstar Games in comparison with similar stills taken on a maxed PC.

 What we can witness on the first screenshot taken in the dark is that the next-gen version handles lights and shadows much better, due to ray tracing. The second pair, taken in a location out of town, shows how much greater the new version renders shadows and trees. On both pairs, it’s obvious how much better the sky is rendered both in the night and in the daytime.

 This comparison, though, does not address the main advantage that PC owners have, especially those on the freshest powerful configs. It’s the ability to install mods, some of which are designed to improve the visuals. With some of these mods, the PC version may look even better than the next-gen (though it depends on the performance of the hardware). Maybe the next-gen version will also come to PC someday with some delay like it usually happens.

 The updated version of GTA V and GTA Online separately will be released on March 15 for Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5. If you have a next-gen console, will you buy the update, or will you stay with the old one? Let us know what you think down here in the comments.

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