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When the New Version of the Final Fantasy Will Be Released


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We have some awesome news for Final Fantasy fans. Squire Fenix announced the release of update 6.2. It should happen very soon, on August 23. 

The company has released an intriguing trailer. It describes the innovations in the new version.  It is also known that the updated game section will be called "Buried Memory". 

The famous Japanese game, the action of which unfolds in a fantasy world, will get new fascinating elements. In this version, the players will get a lot of new features, for example, the dungeon, which was not previously in the game. And the absolute novelty of Final Fantasy "Island Asylum". In addition, in the new version of the game, you will pass missions, fight the enemies and fight the enemies, and you will be able to develop your island.  It's a kind of farm. You will be able to care for your land, plant different crops, and so on. The trailer shows what the island will look like. It's going to be a true paradise! 

Also, the developers noted that in this part, they added the location of the "The Island Sanctuary". But they don't plan to stop there. While the island may seem tiny now, it will expand in future game versions. 

If you have not seen the trailer, we advise you to watch it to find out what undergrounds are waiting for you and what monsters you will have to fight. And of course, you can imagine how you will live on your island, grow food, breed animals, and much more. 

You will have new challenges, equipment, dungeons, and more shortly. Why not think about where you'd like to start? The new version of Final Fantasy 14 will have a lot of fascinating content. 

While we're all waiting for the upcoming update, why not share your expectations of what it will be like? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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