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WhatsApp Works on Playback Control Feature


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WhatsApp users are already able to change the playback speed of voice notes they’ve received. Now, the messaging app wants to provide a similar opportunity for audio messages. Currently, the new feature is in beta testing.

Usually, the audio message is used as a voice not which you can share with other users in the chat. However, during the transmission process, the message totally loses control over playback speed. The recipient can’t control how quickly the message will sound. While the content is still the same, you can’t slow it down. The button that was made to control 2x and 1.5x speed simply disappears.

There are no official reports from WhatsApp on the progress they’ve made with the new feature. Since this button is already in beta testing we believe it may not take much time until playback control will be released. However, you have to keep up with further news to find out when it will be available on iOS and Android. The beta version of the button was spotted on iOS devices. Android feature testing may be on its way as well. Until that time you can easily send voice notes.

The control of speed for the voice notes was revealed in May. You can listen to the long voice notes faster and save time. This feature quickly became popular among users. It made developers think about the ability to change the speed of the audio messages you share in the chat. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is currently working on new services for its Windows and macOS users. There will be a drawing feature in the future. Windows owners can also expect to try the new Universal Windows Platform app originally developed by WhatsApp from the start.

Are you excited about new possibilities in WhatsApp? Do you usually send audio messages or short audio notes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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