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WhatsApp Rolls Out Event Coordination Feature Within Communities


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WhatsApp is rolling out a feature allowing individuals to coordinate events within Communities, as announced by the firm on a recent Wednesday. This functionality simplifies the process of organizing gatherings through WhatsApp, from PTA meetings to birthday celebrations.

With this tool, any participant can establish an event to which others may RSVP, making it visible to the entire group who intends to join. Events are accessible on the group's info page, and attendees will receive a reminder as the event approaches.

Initially, this update will be launched for groups within a community, with plans to extend it to more groups progressively in the near future.

In addition, WhatsApp is enhancing user experiences in Announcement Groups within Communities by enabling message responses. This feature allows for a consolidated view of replies without bombarding users with notifications, aiming to foster communication between administrators and community members while maintaining order and minimizing mess in Announcement Groups.

Since its introduction in November 2022, Communities on WhatsApp has served as a platform for various groups, such as neighborhood circles, educational associations, and hobby clubs, to stay interconnected by allowing administrators to link up to 50 groups. As part of its ongoing development, WhatsApp anticipates introducing further enhancements to both Communities and groups in the months ahead.

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