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WhatsApp New Emojis Look Too Affectionate


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Android beta users receive a batch of unique emojis at WhatsApp. The new update named Unicode Consortium Emoji 13.1 provides 217 fresh symbols to the list. And if you use WhatsApp you will not be able to hide from them too. Earlier, these cute and not-so-cute faces were available for iOS and Gboard. Now, Android owners can check them too.

The messaging app owned by Facebook increases the library of emojis with its own designs. They try to increase the app’s popularity by filling the gaps. Facebook also has its very own library. The new update will have a 13.1 number and will come to Android on the system update of WhatsApp.

How Do New Emojis Look Like?

If you were desperately looking for emoji of a woman with a beard, your time has come. Yet, you may find the similarity with the already existing emoji of a man with a beard. Users may search for the fog and receive an emoji of a face in the clouds. And for now, the entire set looks exactly like betas should look. Some of them need improvements from WhatsApp designers. Many users believe that the kiss and couple emoji with two people who stand near each other between giant hearts require a significant skin tone modifier. Users can customize the combination of gender in these emojis, but they still have only yellow skin and yellow hair.

Apple has done similar updates recently. The updated iOS 14.5 version with more emojis. The new set is available on iPad and iPhone. Users of Apple may also exchange Face in Clouds, Heart on Fire, Syringe with a new design, and faces with beards of both sexes. There are different colors of skins too.

The emojis are already available on the Android platform. Everyone can install them and express emotions using these pictures. To share them with friends, you both need to have a WhatsApp messaging app.

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