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Wallpaper Stickers in Windows 11: What Is It?


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As Microsoft announced recently, Windows 11 users will soon receive a new feature: wallpaper stickers. Not very informative, they will let you customize the environment the way you like it. How will it work? Now we have a video that demonstrates stickers in real work.

Thanks to Twitter user albacore, the upcoming feature has been disclosed. In the tweet with this video, one can read a brief description. On the video, you see how you enable Stickers in the Personalization/Background tab, and then add stickers from your library to your desktop. After adding, you can move, resize, or delete your stickers. And yes, you can play multiple ones. When you change the wallpaper, all the stickers remain in place. Managing stickers is also available through right click on the desktop.

It's not clear yet how one can add stickers to the library. So far there will probably only be stickers by Microsoft, but then third-party creators may join in. Neither is it clear whether it is possible to create and add your own stickers or even submit them to Microsoft Store. If stickers stick (pun intended), they may become a large revenue generator, because everyone loves customization and personalization.

Will stickers ever become interactive, a sort of widgets? It’s not clear yet whether there will be any functionality besides purely aesthetical. Yet you can have a set of reminders, motivators, counters, and so on, in form of stickers. It will all depend on how third-party developers get involved in sticker industry, this can get to a new level.

Do you prefer your desktop purely functional or beautiful as well? Do you think stickers for Windows will become the thing they are for mobile messengers?  And what stickers would you like to have on your desktop? Tell us what you think about it in our comments!

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