Emily Irish

Visual Tool for Gaming Development from Google


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Google released a part of a new development kit, Visual Studio extension for developing games using C or C++. This application has the instruments and libraries for full-cycle game creation, including development, optimization, launching, and iteration. The finished products will be available for Android users. 

There are three principles that Google follows when releasing this extension. First, they developed a code for easy game creation. All the libraries are built using C and C++. Google also strives to reduce fragmentation, so AGDK (Android Game Development Kit) tools work for various Android versions. Also, Google follows the key tenet “Built by Android, for Android.”

Besides the game libraries, new audio instruments were also added to this extension. Among them is “Game Activity,” the foundation of game development. It provides interfaces for the most expected Android actions. This library also decreases the creation time that is spent working with Java tools. 

“Game Text input” simplifies the way to use the keyboard. It is officially approved and will work on Android devices. Also, the “Game Controller'' library is the way to cope with the game controller input. Therefore, this extension has a lot of useful features for game development on Android on the new Google AGDK.

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