Oliver Mitchell

Unexpected Exit: The Cutscene Glitch in The Last of Us 2 That Defies Survival


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In a twist that no player saw coming, The Last of Us 2 offers a reminder that even in the most serious of narratives, glitches can introduce an unintended dose of humor. Imagine settling into a cutscene, emotionally invested in the unfolding drama, only to witness the protagonist, Ellie, abruptly vanish through the floor, resulting in an untimely demise. This peculiar bug, occurring amidst a heart-to-heart conversation with Dina, presents a bewildering departure from the game's otherwise immersive experience.

The stakes were notably high for the player caught off guard by this glitch as they were braving the game's permadeath mode. Permadeath, a high-risk setting where players face the ultimate consequence of failure, elevates tension to unparalleled heights. Fortunately, this player's diligence in selecting the "per chapter" option pared down the penalty, resetting progress only to the chapter's start rather than the game's beginning. A sigh of relief in an otherwise nerve-wracking journey.

This glitch isn't an isolated incident, with others in the gaming community sharing similar tales of unexpected cutscene departures. Such experiences have fueled discussions around the game's stability, especially when coupled with the daunting challenge of permadeath. This has led some to reconsider the prospect of enduring the entire game under such a merciless condition, opting instead for a playthrough that lessens the fear of abrupt, progress-halting bugs.

The Last of Us 2's permadeath mode and the "Grounded" setting offer players a test of true survival skills. Those daring enough to combine these features find themselves in a grueling challenge where every enemy encounter could spell disaster. This mode not only strips away the HUD for a more realistic experience but also limits resources significantly, compelling players to strategize carefully or deal with the repercussions of their actions.

Despite this curious bug, The Last of Us 2 continues to be celebrated for its storytelling and gameplay mechanics. While glitches like these provide momentary distractions, they hardly diminish the overall quality and depth Naughty Dog has infused into this post-apocalyptic journey. Whether encountering a rare hiccup or navigating the brutality of permadeath, players remain captivated by the raw emotion and surmounting odds that define The Last of Us 2.

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