Hilary Giorgi

Ubisoft Is Exploring The Use Of Artificial Intelligence For Non-Player Characters


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A new blog entry by Ubisoft asks, "Have you ever imagined engaging in genuine dialogue with a video game's non-player character?" The post envisions an interaction free from the constraints of preset dialogue options, leaning towards a more dynamic and genuine exchange based on impromptu action and response.

Ubisoft is developing AI-driven non-player characters for inclusion in their games. This venture is a bold creative project spearheaded by a select research and development group stationed within the Ubisoft Paris studio. This effort is a joint endeavor with Nvidia and Inworld, focusing on crafting game characters to engage with players in real-time interactions.

These virtual beings are carefully crafted with distinct personalities and origins, after which their communicative abilities are meticulously refined to align with Ubisoft's conception of each character. The concept parallels the nuanced fictional universe of Westworld, where each automaton is programmed with specific narrative guidelines to navigate.

"For the first time, I can converse with a character of my creation. It's a dream I've held onto since my childhood," commented Virginie Mosser, the narrative director.

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