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Twitter’s 100 Million Users Goal and How It Plans to Reach It


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Twitter plans to increase its customer base by 100 million by 2023, which is not a small task to undertake. 

To accomplish this goal Twitter has to get new users at a faster rate than it currently does by launching new products and finding innovative ways to encourage users to interact regularly on the app. The company has also changed its leadership and undergone some restructuring. 

After Parag Agrawal took up the position of CEO, he reorganized the Twitter executive team into 3 main divisions focusing on revenue products, and consumer products as well as the core technology supporting everything built by Twitter. 

Twitter has also highlighted the fact that it doesn’t really have a problem getting users but rather a problem with keeping its users. And there’s also the fact that most people on the platform don’t post at all they prefer to just read. Twitter is looking to fix this issue by adding a communities feature. This feature is similar to Facebook groups and lets users tweet in a group of people with similar interests.

For now, Twitter is focusing on making its products more approachable and participatory for both the creators on the platform and the everyday user. 

Another feature Twitter has implemented recently to help reach its goal is Twitter Spaces, this feature has seen huge success with users, even providing creators with a new income stream. While spaces is an audio-only platform, Twitter understands the shift to a more visual form of communication especially with the rise of TikTok and they are working on it.

The company is also looking to integrate Crypto into the platform, and the company is investing in Bluesky, a project which is expected to make the platform decentralized. 

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