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Twitter Makes Improvements to Twitter Communities


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Twitter’s new community feature has the potential to improve user engagement on the platform. Although Twitter hasn’t shared any user stats for the community feature, it’s been noted that its biggest communities have all been created quite recently. However, there’s an issue with new members being added to the various groups. Since it's invite-only, it limits accessibility to groups, and Twitter is fixing this by adding an option that allows users to send a request to join a group.

The main focus of communities is to offer more options for users to interact with various topics without feeling confined to only a certain audience.

Initially dubbed "Twitter facets," this project would essentially allow users to tweet using various personas they choose, as well as allow followers to choose a persona to follow if they do not want to see everything the person tweets.

Another option that Twitter hopes will improve engagement is "circles" or "flocks". This feature, which Twitter is still working on, is expected to allow users to establish personal groups of at least 150 individuals, with all of whom they could simultaneously communicate private updates. Jane Manchun Wong, an expert in reverse engineering, notes that Twitter's back-end code for the Circles feature includes the option to open multiple circles. This could allow individuals to create groups focused on specific topics. Currently, Twitter is still working on this feature, but if they can follow through with it, this could change the whole Twitter-sphere and provide a more focused way to tweet. This could also be a game-changer for creators and marketers moving forward.

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