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Twitter Launches Paid Account Verification for iOS


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Not much time has passed since the transition of Twitter under Elon Musk’s control. However, recent updates already raise many questions. So, the platform launches a paid option to verify accounts using a blue checkmark.

If you want your profile to get the blue check mark as a sign of verification, you’ll need to sign up for a Twitter Blue subscription, which costs about $8 (at the time of publication). This “privilege” only applies to premium accounts. In the future, such users will have more bonuses, such as a reduction in the number of ads, priority ranking of posts, and much more.

This offer is currently limited to iOS users in New Zealand, Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia. In the future, it is planned to expand the subscription geography and make it available to European countries. However, even in the listed regions, not all users have received such an opportunity. It is probably due to the gradual rollout, which takes time. Besides, this Twitter update is being tested and fine-tuned by the developers in real-time. So it is likely that errors and other failures can occur.

Recall that initially, Musk spoke about the cost of paid verification at almost $20. However, many influencers, in particular Stephen King, have announced their intention to leave the platform if such a price is indeed fixed. The move was made to recoup the regular financial losses Twitter faces. Musk himself estimates that the company is losing about $4 million daily. Among his other methods of dealing with losses, it is worth noting the dismissal of 50% of employees, including from the department of disinformation fighting and top management.

What do you think of the drastic changes Twitter is going through this year? How effective are Musk’s solutions? And can he change the service for the better?

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