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Twitch Sends Out Penalties for Reporting Scam


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Twitch has encountered several loud stories since the beginning of the year. This time the platform was criticized for canceling a Minecraft streamer’s partnership for receiving Bits – the currency of the app. 

A small Minecraft streamer and Twitch partner, Verloren, has gotten a donation of 120,00 Bits while off-stream in December. The process of withdrawal can make this number up to $1,200, so naturally, Verloren got some suspicions. After some time, the streamer had reported the donation to the Twitch support, because the user was concerned if the money could belong to the parents of a risky teenager.

Minecrafter was persistent with asking to double-check the donation because it was important for him not to lose a big sum of money on a fraud accident. Later in January, the platform had proven the action to be scamming and removed 120,000 Bits from the account. Unfortunately, then Verloren has noticed that he cannot access the leaderboard and Bits during his streams. The account of the gamer has been flagged for engaging or supporting fraud.

The situation is critical to the small streamer because Bits were his considerable additional income besides regular donations. Verloren has said that he is extremely crushed by this accident, and he hopes that Twitch support will take action for reviewing his account. On the subreddit LivestreamFails, a lot of users have claimed that they also encountered similar problems.

After two months of communication with Twitch, Verloren has managed to regain his partnership for Bits, and now, the streamer is working at his old pace. This situation has shown a lot of people that the platform lacks communication with its users.

Have you ever been to a similar situation? Do you think Twitch will take the responsibility to strengthen its community? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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