Oliver Mitchell

Tuned, a Couple-Oriented App by Facebook, Comes to Android


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About a month ago Facebook team introduced an app named Tuned. The name speaks for itself: it’s the app made for you and your significant other, a little private spot in the Internet ocean of publicity, where you can be yourself… if you have an iPhone. But not for long: this year, Tuned came to Android. 

It was rich in features initially, letting the two people share everything that makes them feel good. It can be music, photos, links, memories in pictures and locations, memes, anything that expresses feelings and care… until switch do you part. But not now: the Android release lets love cross any border. If the app is available in your region, of course. 

Along with Android release, the app received an update with extra features. Now here come new challenges, questions, reminders, and stuff. In addition, it finally has messages and shared content in the same place. Surprise, but a Facebook-made app finally made it possible to fetch memories from Facebook and Instagram. And if you have Throwback Thursday memories to share, now you can have it here too. All of the new features are split into three categories: past, present, and future, assuming you have all three at your disposal. And so do we hope for you.

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