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Toyota Releases Child Car Seat Installation App


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The popular Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, updated the Toyota Owner’s application with a new feature to assist car owners with child car seat installation. The new step-by-step guide is designed specifically for Toyota vehicles, and you can find it in the Toyota For Families section. As many drivers face difficulties with proper child car seat installation, the guide is focused on making the process as simple as possible. 
To start installing the seat, you have to launch the app and select the car model. Unfortunately, we’ve found that only the 2021 Toyota Sienna is supported, but it’s clear that more models are to be added soon. Next, you have to choose the type of seat you have. It can be either a front-facing, rear-facing, or booster seat. The type of seat also depends on the child’s age and weight. Once the settings are entered, you will be shown a corresponding video instruction and a written one.
The brand believes the app will not only help existing users but also let future Toyota owners test the cars virtually more deeply before purchasing. Dealers can use the update to provide customers with more info as well. What do you think of the update? Does it solve any problem? Join the chat below and share the news with other Toyota owners on social networks.

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