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TikTok Offers Improved Cybersecurity


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TikTok has started a new initiative on cybersecurity that may improve the safety of users online. It will reveal all the tools users need to feel safer. There are tips that the company provides on the platform for anyone who wants to stay protected.

The year is quite intense for TikTok, the social network that is run by a Chinese-based company and is suspected of possible leakage of information to the Chinese government. To avoid accusation and not to lose its main audience, which is located in the US and Europe, TikTok takes steps in raising security for its users. Before that, the company has already transmitted the personal data of American users to American-based storage and now it makes sure that all its users know everything they need about cyber safety.

TikTok started the new campaign close to the new school year, hoping to teach children the basics of security online. They want to make sure that youngsters around the world use safe ways of interacting with each other and are not tricked into scams. They tell children about the possible threats online and provide the tools they need to use to raise the security within their own profiles. Moreover, the company hopes that the new initiative may increase the popularity of the cybersecurity profession among communities of underrepresented users.

The company teamed up with the Global Cyber Alliance to develop a Cybersecurity Toolkit for Individuals. It contains links to educational websites and apps that talk about and improve security. TikTok hopes that the new service will make youngsters more conscious of possible dangers that exist online and make them proactive when it comes to security.

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