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TikTok Becomes a Gaming Power and Celebrates It with an Event


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What’s TikTok about? Short videos? Ecommerce? Politics? All of that, plus gaming. On November 2, TikTok will hold its first event focused on videogames. The “TikTok Made Me Play it” showcase will be streamed, so everyone is invited to watch it. And TikTok is confident that it holds the future of the gaming in its hands.

No, TikTok didn’t go Netflix and start its own gaming library. It’s rather about its influence in the gaming world so far, which made it a platform to reckon with when it comes to promotion. But ByteDance indeed plans to become a real gaming platform, so it focuses on how important it is for accrual leading developers to be present on TikTok.

Among the spokespersons, there will be creators and managers of world-famous games and companies. There will be representatives of EA (Julia Victor, the one behind The Sims), Playtika (Naor Itzhak, creative marketing), 2K (Sami Thessman, global marketing) and others, including Blake Chandlee and Assaf Sagy representing TikTok itself. Along with them, TikTok creators and streamers specializing in games will be there – Vbunny Go, Michelle Statham, Khleo Tomas, and others. They will speak about their new projects as well as about how much TikTok participates in their work.

As for the topics, there will be key trends, insights, stats, and other information by analyzing which games and gaming events can be promoted on TikTok. It’s not the same, though, as selling clothes, jewelry, or gadgets. The gaming industry has its traits, and the specifics of it will be discussed during the event.

There will be two sessions of the event (at 3.00 PM and 2.00 AM GMT), and you can register to view it live. Will you tell us how you liked it? Do you watch game streams on TikTok, and do you think it has that much potential in the gaming world? We are waiting for you in our comments section!

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