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The Top 5 Artists Shazam Highly Recommends in 2022


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Shazam does more than just tell you the song by a small fragment. It’s a powerful social tool for working with music. One of its public applications is tracking the trends in the music industry, so each year it recommends five artists that did so well that year that you better follow them the next. Who are these upstart shazamables in 2022? Let’s see.

So, prepare your speakers and search for these artists that won’t disappoint you once you decide they are your cup of tea.

·         Ayra Starr. This Nigerian singer conquers the listener with passionate vibes, brought by her juicy voice. Nigeria is the new trend of world music: in the meantime, Apple Music praises another Nigerian artist, Wizkid.

·         DannyLux. The most Shazamed Mexicano track of 2021 belongs to this musician, with his deep voice and rich guitar-based sound. Mexico has always been rich in talents, but DannyLux is to shine in 2022. If you follow Mexican American music, though, you may already know him.

·         Lyn Lapid. An American singer-songwriter of Filipino origin goes a bit beyond teenage girl pop-rock you are seduced to classify her as. Easy to listen, she will be hard to miss. And her smile (though it’s out of Shazam’s criteria) is fascinating.

·         Sad Night Dynamite. An intelligent and stylish duo from the U.K., mixing influences like brit-pop or rap like it isn’t a thing at all. It would be the easiest to define them as “the next Twenty One Pilots”, but no, they are completely original.

·         STAYC. It takes just a look to define them as a K-Pop girl band, with melodies and voices as sweet as you might expect from the genre. These girls, though, offer a touch more tender than BLACKP!NK, with no less energy.

The last year’s predictions by Shazam, by the way, included Masked Wolf and Tai Verdes, and both made it big. So… Have you already spotified these artists after shazaming them? And who did you like more? Let’s talk about music in the comments!

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