Emily Irish

The Sims 4: Nothing New But Better


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This year there will be no more new expansion packs for Sims 4. Anyway, we are waiting for two base game updates from EA. These updates relate to the improvements of already existing game content. It sounds too vague, we agree. So, what we know so far. 

The concrete update that was announced by Sims 4 developer Maxis in her Twitter post is adding more occult characters like werewolves, fairies, zombies. Maxis also admitted that NPCs would look more detailed and get better lore. Another feature is adding October, November, and December to the Season of Selves released this year. This was announced by Simsvip, Sims Global Community Manager, on Twitter too. Simsvip said that the Sims team is in the process of discussing ways that can improve the game content. They may add Kit Pack or Stuff Pack with a few DLC. And this is all we know for now. 

Recently, Sims 4 was completed by 1200 colors to 149 base items. Several DLCs like Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals were added to the game. It seems like the Sims team lacks the ideas, and it’s normal as they have been working on the game content for eight years. Since 2014, the Sims universe has become more and more detailed and full-fledged, it is full of different items and modes, and it makes the game resemble real life. 

For us, it’s hard to imagine what new content can be added to the game except for some famous world events. It would be something new for the Sims. Considering that this is a game with such a detailed setting, it’s really hard to surprise gamers with a new staff. Anyway, if the Sims team feels the society’s needs, it may help to bring the topical theme to the game. 

If you are a Sims fan, what would you like to add to the game? Let’s launch the discussion to help the Sims team with the new ideas for the next year.

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