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The Sims 4 Need an Update


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As the release of the next update of the Sims 4 roadmap is likely days away, fans are speculating on what they would love to see in the game. It turns out that a sizeable portion of that discussion is centered around Cottage Living, an expansion released back in June 2021. There’s little wonder it was received warmly given the fact that it brought into the game a brand-new town for sims to live in, styled to resemble the good old English village with a couple of exotic twists such as domesticated lamas.

It’s high time another update came out for The Sims 4. Fortunately for the fans, the game’s official Twitter page has recently uploaded a post promising an update to the roadmap in May. This leaves enough room for speculation, especially among those who haven’t had enough of the “cottagecore” feel that came with Cottage Living. Fans have shared some promising ideas that might bring the aesthetics of the Buid/Buy mode to a whole new level. Apart from it, there have been requests for new forms of life, from mummies to witches with a lot in between, to Resemble the supernatural edition of the preceding part of the game.

Futurism is another popular direction in which fans would gladly take The Sims 4. Even though it already features aliens, you just can’t have too many sci-fi goods and skins. That could also be a great pretext to bring back the Curious family. Just imagine the well-known characters working hard to help sims teleport to the future! This could actually work both ways, as many players wouldn’t mind a bit of time travel to the past. A medieval update has every chance of becoming the next big hit, so let’s wait and see if it ever becomes reality.

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