Emily Irish

The Lucky Few Are Already Testing Clubhouse Beta for Android


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Well, Clubhouse is a phenomenon that won’t last long in its current state. Android users wishing to taste audio-only chats will eagerly try it if someone else does it earlier. No wonder Clubhouse is not willing to hand its potential audience to Facebook or whoever, testing its Android app already.

The first beta testers are already testing Clubhouse for Android since May 2. At least, so the company reports in its regular updates. Later the testing program will be expanded, but still it would take an invitation to participate in it and become a listener or even a speaker. So far, the beta testing program is only available to “friendly” users, their number, location, or other data not disclosed.

Does it resemble the early days of Clubhouse when one needed to be invited to join in? If it does to you, you’re not the only one. The aura of exclusiveness is what should not be lost as the app reaches out for the larger audience, and the only way that seems realistic now (with no limitations by platform or invite) is exclusive content. That’s the way Clubhouse can remain a step ahead while Facebook, Twitter and other rivals are so dangerously close, and the Android app is still weeks or even months away.

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