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Ten Statistics Regarding Google Search That You Should Be Aware of in 2022


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Are you planning your SEO strategy for 2022? Do you need some background statistics and information to assist you in formulating your strategy? Oberlo's team shares some critical insights regarding Google search activity. This list includes general use patterns, popular searches, and Google's worth in terms of referral traffic, and more. 

  1. Google is by far the most frequented website, with up to 89.3 billion visits in the last few months. 

  2. As of January 2022, Google dominated the realm of search engines and accounted for 91.9 percent of the market. 

  3. You've undoubtedly pondered how many Google searches are done each day. Google handles about 8.5 billion queries every day, according to data. 

  4. In terms of Google Lens use, over 1 billion queries have been asked on Google Lens. 

  5. How many Google searches are made from mobile devices? Searches on mobile devices account for over 63 percent of organic searches in the United States and are via the Google engine. 

  6. What word is the most popular on Google search? Google's most popular search term was "Facebook". 

  7. How frequently do you utilize Google's search engine? It was discovered that eighty-four percent of those polled utilized Google three or more times each day. 

  8. Google is the starting point for nearly half of all product searches. According to research, Google is the starting point for 46 percent of searches for various products. 

  9. The significance of the initial search engine result page was also demonstrated. 90% of study respondents claimed they were more inclined to click on the results which are presented first.  

  10. When it comes to organic search results, it was found that organic searches account for 23% of all web traffic. 

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