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Take a Look at PUBG 2022 European Esports Plans


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PUBG developers have some exciting plans for 2022, and we are here to share them. Krafton has released the roadmap for the European esports scene, taking place in PUBG: Battlegrounds. In short, the players can expect to see two recurrences of the PUBG Continental Series (PCS), two G-Loot events, and the PUBG Nations Cup. The year will be ending with the long-waited PUBG Global Championship (PCG).

The start of the year is already full with events: active fans can get ready to spectate a new G-Loot event already in February, as a follow-up will start the qualifiers for the first PCS in March, and the official event will take place in April. Everyone can rest in May, as there are no plans for the last month of spring.

The summer is going to bring us even more exciting competitions. We will see the return of the PUBG Nations Cup in June. There will compete the most experienced and professional PUBG rosters from every country and continent. As a treat, July will meet us with the second G-Loot event.

August will start the qualifiers for the PCS 7 smoothly proceeding to the actual event in September. Take another break in October and then meet PCG in November and December. The last few months of this year are going to be oh so hot.

But this is not all the news, the company has announced that third-party events in 2022 will also be featured in the main contest. They will be an opportunity to earn qualification points for the PCG. There is no specific information on when and how they will be held, but it will be released pretty soon. 

The year 2022 will be interesting for everyone who’s a fan of esports and PUBG. It is full of events almost every month, so you definitely won’t get bored. What competitions are you excited about the most? Will you watch any translations live? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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