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Spotify Introduces Big Changes on Android


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Spotify has already started updating its app on Android devices. The new version of the streaming service includes several major changes in the way users can interact with the app. The update includes a renovated interface and automated playlist generation. The developer claims that it’s only the first step in the series of global updates to the service. The final purpose is to let users personalize their apps as freely as possible. The first part of the updates will be available for all the users by the end of March. 

Here’s a list of the new features to wait this month:

  • Music discovery – the new discovery-oriented recommendations panel for Premium account users;
  • Improved podcasts – Premium users can now view new and suggested episodes in their home hubs with progress bars and blue ‘newly-added’ indicators;
  • Recently played playlist – now you will be able to scroll through 3 months of your listening history. Playlists, albums, and shows will be included on the list. 

There’s also a new Spotify patent that reveals the company’s plans to integrate AI into the app to determine user’s emotional state and recognize the environment around them. How do you like the new update and the companies plans? Does it become better? Let’s chat below and don’t forget to share the news!

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