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Spotify for Android Finally Receives Swipe to Queue


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Spotify users on Android have a reason for joy, especially those into parties or musical nights. The Swipe to Queue feature that has long been iOS-exclusive now comes to Android. Now it becomes much easier to create playlists on the go if you aren’t planning to save them for later use.

 What is Swipe to Queue? If you are an Android user, it may require explanations. With this feature, you can find any track on Spotify and just swipe right on it to add it to the end of your current queue. Then you can rearrange the tracks in the queue like you usually do. This method has long been an iOS exclusive, and Spotify openly said it had no plans to add it on Android; but then the company changed its mind and announced its arrival.

 The reason this feature is so great is that it’s meant for home parties when you form your playlist on the go. Not only is the regular way of adding tracks to the queue too long and complicated. There is also a chance that you suddenly play the song and break the entire playlist you’re making. With a right swipe, this chance is diminishing. Once you have added the song, it remains in the queue, and you can proceed to search for the next one. At home parties, you have little time to fiddle around with the playlist (unless DJ is your role here, but then you would use professional software instead of Spotify).

 If you want to try this feature right now, though, it’s too early. While Spotify has confirmed it and provided a peek, the final rollout is yet ahead. Now it’s probably under testing, and at the start, it will only be available to a certain number of random users. After this real-life testing, the update will arrive.

 What do you think about Swipe to Queue coming to Android? Have you been appreciating it on iOS? In what situations would it be useful to you? Let’s tell our Spotify stories in the comments!

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