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Speculations Surrounding Far Cry 7: A 2025 Release Focusing on Rich Hostages?


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In early 2023, rumours started circulating that Ubisoft was developing Far Cry 7 and another game in the series. Now, Insider Gaming has shed light on the former.

Initially, it was suggested that Far Cry 7 would be set on a tropical island called Kimsan in the Yellow Sea, near Korea. However, Insider Gaming now report that this is likely false. The narrative will instead focus on a wealthy family kidnapped by a group called the Sons of Truth. The player's mission is to rescue all family members, in any order, within a timeline of 72 in-game hours, translating to 24 real-time hours.

Although there will be an option to pause the timer, it remains uncertain what consequences will ensue if players fail to complete the mission, or only manage to save a few of the family members. The game reportedly incorporates a new interrogation system, allowing players to ascertain vital information about the hostages' whereabouts.

Far Cry 7 is set to launch in fall 2025, potentially on Switch 2 alongside other platforms, according to a reputed Brazilian insider on X. However, all this information remains unconfirmed, so they should be taken with a healthy dose of scepticism. That said, when it comes to rumour verification, Insider Gaming is a reputable source.

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