Emily Irish

Speculations Point Towards a Possible Sequel for Hogwarts Legacy


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The launch of Hogwarts Legacy saw an overwhelming response, boasting over 900K concurrent players on Steam at one point and earning the title of one of the year's biggest titles. The impressive performance paired with new rumors has many predicting an eventual sequel. 

Despite its triumphant launch and high praise, various elements of Hogwarts Legacy left room for improvement that we hope to see addressed in a possible sequel. A noticeable lack was the introduction of a moral system. While players could ultimately win the house cup, point gain or loss based on players' actions was notably absent. 

Additionally, fans were disappointed by the lack of Quidditch in the game. Players were able to experience broomstick riding, but the iconic sport didn't make an appearance. There were some recognizable names in the game like Phineas Nigellus Black and an unspecified Weasley. A reference to Albus Dumbledore, who attended Hogwarts during the 1890s, when the game is set, would also be a welcome addition. 

The prospect of a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy certainly excites fans, but any concrete plans for a follow-up are yet to be announced. Given the release of the original game only this year, any resulting news should be taken with caution. Developer Portkey hasn't even released any information about a potential DLC for the first game, let alone an entirely new sequel. For now, fans can only wait eagerly for the future.

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