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Snapchat+ New Subscription Is in Progress


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Snap is working on the new subscription. It is called Snapchat+. The new service provides access to the features available only for the subscribers.

Only a month ago the company confirmed the profit warning due to the increased pressures on revenues. Currently Snap is doing its best to save its reputation and money. This time it comes up with a smart idea for monetization. The new service is called Snapchat+. It provides advanced options to subscribers who pay for the access. According to the company, users who pay the subscription will receive more tools and extra features.

Snap offers a wide range of payment periods, starting from one monthly subscription to a yearly one. There is also a one-week period of free trial which you can take to find out all the benefits that Snap promises. Once the trial period ends you automatically prolonged to the paid subscription, so if you don’t want to pay for Snapchat+ you have to disconnect from the service in advance.

The new subscription contains:

  • Wide range of unique Snapchat icons which you can use whenever you want;
  • The new customizable profile badge that clarifies that you are a user of Snapchat+ to others;
  • Insights of the data that reveal the current location of your friends and your traveling history, as well as the names of those who watched the Story, you’ve posted;
  • The possibility to pin the user as your best friend in the app.

Although these features don’t sound like a mind-blowing revelation to anyone, it is just the beginning, according to Snap. The company promises to add more features. Apart from that, the official release is still coming. The company may provide even more options for subscribers.

Will you pay for a Snapchat+ subscription? Which feature do you think is the most wanted there? Express your thoughts below.


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