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Remix on Reels Launches in Instagram


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On March 31, Instagram officially launched its TikTok Duets feature alternative, Remix. The new feature lets you record Reels videos along with any video by other users. The main purpose of the new feature is to let users socialize more through video content and feel less passive while watching others' videos. Now you can dance, act, sing, joke, etc., next to videos of your friends or, say, your favorite influencers. 

Unfortunately, the new feature isn't as rich in video editing features as TikTok, which makes it quite boring for those users who are already using TikTok. Still, it feels much better than such alternatives, as Snapchat's Spotlight or YouTube's Shorts. Do this to try the new feature:

  • update the Instagram app;
  • tap on the three-dot button on a Reel;
  • tap Remix this Reel. 

After recording, you can adjust the volume of your or the original video and add a voiceover. Then make all the needed cuts and publish the duet. Unfortunately, it's impossible to make duets with reels recorded before the update. All the remixes you make will appear next to the normal videos on the Reels tab, while users will receive notifications if you remix their videos. How do you like the new feature? Is it good enough to compete with TikTok's Duets? Share the news with other Instagram users and join the discussion below!

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